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Nicole Mila Design Studio has been creating dynamic interiors for our discerning clients since 1995 in Atlanta, GA and far beyond.  We are fluid in all aspects of custom home building, interior design, and everything in-between. 


Our world is home-building, home-builders, and home-owners and we bridge these relationships seamlessly to encourage a creative and collaborative experience during the entire process. 

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello! I'm Nicole Mila. I am artistically trained with a BFA in Sculpture and I have always approached my projects from a layered perspective to balance color and texture while maintaining the harmony and overall feeling of the space. 

I have worn many professional hats and that gives me an advantage in residential construction - from cabinetry design and installation to an onsite superintendent for a custom homebuilder - I am fluid in in all aspects of custom homebuilding, interior design, and everything in between.

I personally gravitate towards a modern prospective that easily pivots around any style to ensure my designs feel fresh  but remain timeless. 


What I love most about interior design is the ability to observe my clients' likes and their lifestyle in order to create a harmonious environment that evokes a feeling that truly encapsulates the personality of the homeowner the moment you walk into their well-designed space.

Are you ready to take the first step towards rejuvenating your environment for the better?

We would love to help you with your home! 

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